More horny than ever before!

More horny than ever before!

Marion wanted to be a model when she was younger, but an early marriage and two kids quashed her dreams. She lost her husband five years ago, and now with her kids off doing their own thing, she has come out of her shell and started a new phrase of her life which involves having a good time and restarting her sex life. "Posing like this isn't exactly like posing for Vogue," she said, "but I like it. My current lover-I won't call any of the guys I sleep with 'a boyfriend'-showed me he's as talented with a camera as he is with his dick. Since I decided to go slutty six months ago," I've had a lot of sex said Marion. "Six guys-all quite a bit younger than me-I met socially and dated once or twice before I opened my legs for them. Then I went to a swingers' club that a girlfriend told me about. They were quite happy to let a single woman in the front door. I met a cool guy and his sexy wife there. To have my pussy licked by another woman for the first time ever was awesome, especially as…
Featuring: Marion
Date: October 20th, 2010
Duration: 80

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8 years ago 
georgeous with nice curves. i could cum on those tits all night.

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