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Her fantasy cums trueâ€"sexed by a stud

Featuring: Melissa Mathews and Juan Largo
Date: August 6th, 2010
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Melissa (21, 5'2", 110 pounds, 34B bras) is from Arizona, but she attends college in upstate Florida. She was down in Miami for spring break with some of her girlfriends. As well as sunbathing, partying and checking out the action on South Beach, she wanted to fuck for our cameras, too. It was all organized in advance and Melissa left her friends to "go visit an old aunty for the afternoon." Instead,she came to our studios to fuck Juan who she'd seen in her ex-boyfriend's NN stash. It was lust at first sight: she wanted his cock. "I decided that I didn't just want to do a solo thing for NN with my boyfriend taking photos," said Melissa. "That's just as well, too, because we broke up when I caught him fucking one of my sorority sisters. He had said that I'd never have the nerve to actually fuck for the magazine, so I did it to prove him wrong, to get some extra cash-which paid for the vacation-and because I'm just a horn dog who wanted to experience Juan's big cock working in my pussy. Okay? Once Juan and I started making out, I forgot all about the cameras and had to be reminded all the time," Melissa said. "To all the people out there talking about dicks who say that size doesn't matter, I say 'Bite me!' It might not matter, but it sure doesn't hurt, either.

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