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A Bush Baby Who Likes Guys Her Age

Featuring: Mikela Kennedy
Date: June 23rd, 2010
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You can't call this sexy divorcee a cougar because Mikela doesn't go on the prowl for younger guys in their 20s or 30s. "I go for sexy, available guys in their 40s who are more experienced and caring lovers," she said. "And we should, in theory anyway, have a lot more in common than I would have with a much younger guy. After all, a couple has to take time off from screwing now and again-like for the guy to recuperate-so it's nice to be able to carry on a meaningful conversion. When I was first divorced, I did have a couple of flings with guys in their early 20s, but neither of them had ever been with a female who had pubes and it was very hard to get either of them to go down on me as the pubes put them off. I might trim my pubes, but I'm not shaving them off, and guys in their 40s are used to hair down there.".

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