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Raven Lynn

This sexy student is 5'6", weighs 127 pounds and wears 34A bras. "I hardly ever wear a bra," Raven said. "I'd rather go out with my nips poking out because that gets guys' attention, and I'm into that. But right now I'm not dating. I was going out with a guy for about six months and everything was real good and we were having awesome sex. I was even gonna let him bust my butthole cherry on the very night he dumped me. He said I wasn't exciting enough for him. So I posed to piss him off because he always buys Newcummers. My BFF took the photos for me."

"I can't wait till I'm 21 and can go into bars and stuff," said Raven. "That will make nights so much better. People wonder why teenagers are having so much sex: that's 'cause we don't have enough things to do in our spare time, assholes! It's like the mall or movies or TV, or hang out with our friends where there might be booze or drugs. Or we screw. That's what I love to do! If a guy starts off with lots of kissing and cuddling, then…
Featuring: Raven Lynn
Date: February 18th, 2009
Duration: 60

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