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Jizz On My Jugs

Featuring: Missy Mae and Aiden Boyd
Date: September 29th, 2009
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Missy, 19, and Aiden, 25, fucked in his apartment in Seattle, Washington, when our cameraman was in town shooting for another SCORE group mag. "Posing solo, like I did before (NN, 11/08) is okay, but actually screwing and committing that to history by having it in the magazine is way more radical, and that's what appealed to me," said Missy. "Aiden didn't care about being radical and daring," said Missy. "He's a typical, horny guy and he'd fuck me on a check-out counter in our local supermarket at rush hour if I asked him to, because it's just about getting some pussy and getting off as far as he's concerned. I'm not knocking him..he's a normal guy who loves sex. That's great, because I love it and need it just as often as he does." "Aiden was the first guy I've been with who wanted to tit-fuck me," said Missy. "At first, I thought it was stupid and a waste of time, but the more we've done it, the more I've gotten into it. I like to get set up so I can lick the head of his cock when he's stroking between my titties, and then I can suck him off when he starts to cum, if he wants to take it that far. I'd rather feel him cumming inside my pussy or my butthole, but sometimes, when he's been a good boy, I'll let him cum during a tit-fuck. I don't mind him cumming on my face and in my mouth 'cause I love the taste of his jizz.".

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October 08, 2013
Missy is wide open for rigid cock in every photo. Mouth and
pussy. No man can resist this come on girl at 19. Where is the
closest mall, teenies come to me.
August 23, 2012
Missy is so HOT.If I was Aiden I would do her anytime and anywhere she
wanted.What a looker who just has such a natural sex appeal about hers-
elf.She has turned me on ever since she was in back to back issues a few
years ago.One of the all time top five ever.A BEAUTIFUL BABE.5 stars

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