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Nice Au Pair Of Tits

Featuring: Natalie Monroe
Date: November 23rd, 2014
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Okay, we've got to admit something. We got these pictures of Natalie from a guy who only identified himself as "her employer." We jumped to the conclusion that she was the maid. Boy, were we wrong. We had to get in contact with Natalie because she looks so young, we didn't want to break any laws by posting her pictures. When we finally got her phone number, we asked her if she'd lose her job as a maid if anybody found out that she took naked pictures. "I'm not a maid," she exclaimed wildly through a thick Columbian accent. "I'm an au pair! I assist the family and live with them while I'm in the United State and studying!" Oops. Oh well. But how did she explain that her boss had naked pictures of her? "He took them, why shouldn't he have them? We've been having sex since the first week I arrived here. He said he couldn't resist, but it was really me who couldn't resist.

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February 14, 2016
Her tits are fabulous, no doubt, but that ass is fucking incredible!

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