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Her One-Night-Stand Used Her Camera

Featuring: Raquel Diamond
Date: June 11th, 2010
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"I'm not dating," said Raquel. "I go out a lot at nights and weekends with my friends, and I'll hook up with a guy when I have a bad case of the needies and want cock. If the guy really gets me off big time and leaves me satisfied, then I might see him once or twice more, but I really prefer one night stands, and you all know there are plenty of guys who like them, too. I never go home with a guy. If he wants to do me, he has to come to my apartment. That's my only rule. I like it if a guy stays all night because I love to start a day with a quickie." "I love sucking cock and seeing the expression on the guy's face when he cums in my mouth," said Raquel. "I try to swallow the load, but usually I end up choking. After that, the guy better eat me out and get me off or I'll be really pissed. As far as screwing is concerned, I love riding on a guy's cock, especially when I want to cum, but I like doggie-style a lot, too, and I will give up my butthole to a guy I'm really at ease with: but not on a one-night stand.

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