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Robyn and Carmella

Date: March 2nd, 2009
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Robyn (the blonde), 21, from Missouri, appeared in our April '08 issue. She agreed to do a video for us with Carmella, 19, and J.G. The movie hasn't even been titled yet, but the stills are so fucking hot that we decided to share them with you. The girls got themselves hot with a little nipple sucking and pussy licking, and you can bet that watching them was all that J.G. needed to get him primed for action. Can you even imagine his anticipation? "So, I'm gonna get my cock sucked by these two honies, then which one will I plug first?" Decisions, decisions! If we're all honest, the vast majority of us have never been involved in a threeway and probably never will. Isn't it truly the adult equivalent of a five-year-old being turned loose in a candy store? How the hell do you- the guy- decide what you're going to do next? Lick? Nipples or clit..and which babe? Fuck? But which hole..on who? Be sucked? Perhaps it's all those decisions that stops the guy from shooting his load in the first 30 seconds like so many guys, unfortunately, probably would. But oh to be presented with the situation where you had to make those decisions, eh? Where would you start? Can you imagine the pressure that J.G. was under, with those two, tight, hot cunts taking turns to work his cock as he plowed them? How did he stop himself from joining in when each of the girls orgasmed as he fucked them? (They did!) Think of all the sensations, sights, sounds and smells involved. Wouldn't it be overwhelming? But, fuck, wouldn't you like to be in the situation that J.G.

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