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Featuring: Sunny Dae
Date: March 6th, 2009
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"I gave my boyfriend a guide to kinky sex play for Valentine's Day but I don't know that he's even opened it yet," said Sunnie. "I hoped he might get some ideas for exciting new things we could try in bed, but nope. But when we saw a babe spraying whipped cream in a can all over her bod in NN, he showed up at my place the next night with two cans of it. Now my boyfriend and I have become addicted to using whipped cream in bed. I cover his cock with it then blow him, and now, with the cream added, I love to swallow his jizz, which I didn't before. He sprays it on and in my pussy then licks it out. He says it makes my juices even sweeter. And now he goes down on me for a second or even third time and I cum till I'm totally exhausted. Un-fucking-believable! And when he covers my nipples and sucks them clean-adding more cream to prolong things- I'm sure that sometimes I can feel the first stirrings of an orgasm.".

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