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Everyone's A Winner

Featuring: Victoria Chance
Date: May 25th, 2009
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So, guys, here's a tale that could easily qualify to be made into an episode for one of those reality TV shows that are flooding the cable channels these days. Victoria (22) was dating a guy, let's call him Dick Two, who dumped her because, he said he "needed his space,". Then Dick Two started chasing Joe's girlfriend-let's call her Cunt Two- until she gave in and fucked him one night, presumably decided that she liked it, and dumped Joe the next morning. Victoria met Joe through a mutual friend, and bang! But the story's not finished, and the NN connection is yet to come. Dick two is a subscriber. He and Victoria had often laid in bed and talked about screwing for our cameras, or at least taking solo shots of her for the mag. Joe is also a subscriber, and he and Cunt Two had talked about taking pics of her to send in. Joe harbored the hope that doing that would inspire Cunt Two to take things to the next level and fuck for our cameras as well. So, as Victoria and Joe got to know each other- presumably that's the time they spent talking between fucking their brains out-they discovered the NN connection and an idea was born: to fuck for the magazine as an "in-ya-face" to their ex-partners. Cool, huh? Victoria called and told us the whole story.

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